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What is the difference between

Small Group Fitness and Group Training?

Small Group Training or SGT is limited to 8 people working out at the same time, compared to 15-20 people in a typical group fitness class. In SGT your trainer is able to assess each individual while performing the exercise and make adjustments and corrections as needed to ensure proper form and techniques to minimize muscle strain and injury. The trainer is also able to modify movements for individuals who find the standard workout too difficult or too easy. Each client receives virtually the same attention to detail as a

one-on-one session but with a sense of unity and accomplishment with others in the group. At half the cost, Small Group Training is a great alternative for those that want the personal training experience and attention with the comradery and fun of a group.

Small Group Training (PeerFit Eligible)

Small Group Training(SGT) are drop-in classes you can attend at your convenience. Simply call or text On The Brink Fitness at 615-801-3728 to reserve your spot. Classes are limited to 8 individuals to ensure personal attention. 

Pricing: $25/class



Personal Training and Program Pricing

Individual Training: Price per Session

30 minute: $35

60 minute: $55

Tandem/Couple Training: Price per Session

60 minute: $70