Be Healthy Challenge Blog
By Lauren Ignomirello

When I first heard that our team would not be working out in a fitness center, but at our elementary school's gym, I felt disappointed.  I didn't feel like we had a level playing field with the other teams.  That was before I met Brent Brinkmeier from On the Brink Fitness.  

When I first met Brent, I thought that he had his work made out for him.  Our team is compromised of varying levels of fitness abilities, and I thought that it would be hard for him to meet the needs of all of the team.  Brent has done a fabulous job pushing everyone as hard as we need to be pushed.  He is able to modify exercises for people on out team that need modifications.  As a teacher, I would definitely give him high rankings in being able to differentiate.  

We are a joking group.  We like to make jokes, and to have fun while we are working out.  Brent jumps right in and participates in our jokes.  It makes our intense workouts a little bit more fun.   
Brent always come to our workout sessions with a lesson plan.  He knows exactly what we are going to do, and what areas he wants us to focus on during the workout.  I love that the workouts that Brent plans for us are workouts that I could do on my own when the Be Healthy Challenge ends.  He is able to teach it to us in a way that makes it easy for us to understand.  
Brent is an amazing trainer, and we are the luckiest team to be able to work with him.

Be Healthy Challenge Blog

by Kristie Hammond

 Week 6 of the Be Healthy Challenge is now complete and already the changes are obvious.  Clothes are feeling lose, energy levels are on the rise, and cravings are decreasing.  I can't wait to see what the next six weeks hold for me and Team On The Brink.  
One thing is for sure, I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of our amazing trainer, Brent Brinkmeier of On The Brink Fitness.  Brent is donating his time and energy to help us attain a more healthy lifestyle.  He customizes workouts that are different each day and that meet our fitness needs.  Each and every workout, I find that I am sore in a different spot.  I've worked a muscle I either didn't know I had, or that I hadn't worked in a very long time!  Brent encourages us when we need encouraging and pushes us harder when we aren't pushing ourselves enough.  As hard as it is to believe, on occasion we gripe and complain (usually in jest), and Brent tolerates this with as much patience as possible.  With Brent's encouragement, guidance, feedback, and expertise, we are all becoming stronger.  This week, we repeated a workout that we had done at the start of the Be Healthy Challenge.  The Twelve Days of Christmas.  On week one, none of us were able to complete all 12 segments of the workout within an hour's time.  Six weeks later, we all completed the 12 days with time to spare!  Although I will never hear the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" again without shuddering, I feel so accomplished and proud for myself and my team, and so grateful to Brent for helping us get here.  It's so nice to know that he believes in us, and over time, that's really helped build my confidence and belief in myself.  Thank you so much, Brent, for taking such good care of us! 

Damon B.

I've been training with Brent for years and I love the convenience of having someone come to my home and keep me on a regular workout schedule. Without him I wouldn't work out at all.

Be Healthy Challenge Blog
By Christy Esposito: On the Brink of AWESOME!

Hey All! 

“STOP RUNNING IN THE HALLS!” That is something you hear every day during the school day. But after the kids have left… it’s a different story!

This week's blog is all about Brent - trainer extraordinaire! I had no idea what to expect when we first met him. We are working out at our school. Twice a week we have access to the school gymnasium but on Thursdays we have to meet in the hallway upstairs. My first thought was, "How is he going to make THIS work?" but he does! There are no weight machines or ballet bars or full mirrored walls but Brent has figured out a way to give 7 women, all on different levels of fitness, a great and effective workout without access to a furnished facility! On top of getting extremely creative with what he has available, he brings in some of his own equipment.

Our workouts have been quite varied throughout. You never know what muscles will feel the burn the next morning. He inspires confidence. He gives praise out loud for the whole group to hear but he also gives personal encouragement when he sees you need it.

As far as complaining, I can’t say we are the quietest of groups (go figure!). I’d say it’s more like gentle teasing than complaining. We all put out our best effort. Brent knows what we are capable of. And we want to do our best for ourselves, our team, and we want Brent to know that we can rise to his challenge.

I know we all have what it takes. We’ve seen it. We have seen remarkable changes in only 6 short weeks. We are finishing workouts that seemed impossible only 4 weeks ago. I look forward to the next 6 weeks and beyond.

In it to win it –

PS - We got to box this past week and throw punches at Brent. That might be my favorite workout so far!  [wink]

Big huge thanks to Brent. On the Brink Fitness - Spring Hill

Be Healthy Challenge Blog
By Christine Blundred: Brent Brinkmeier is the Bomb!

I can't believe we're already halfway through our Be Healthy Challenge! This week, I unfortunately had to miss one of our sessions, which was a repeat of an earlier timed workout, and each of my teammates were able to finish the workout much faster than they had the first time! It's so exciting to experience the thrill of measurable successes, and much of that can be attributed to our trainer Brent Brinkmeier of On the Brink Fitness.

I jumped the gun a little on talking about his amazingness a couple of weeks ago, but it certainly doesn't hurt to say it again:

I've been so impressed by the variety of workouts to keep us engaged each and every day, his ability to accommodate workouts that challenge each one of us despite our very broad range of fitness levels ... and also for how well he handles 7 whiny ladies 3 times a week!

One of my little friends at school introduced me to this Biggest Loser video.  It makes me laugh every time ... and it's a pretty close representation of how our workouts go every week  [wink]  Okay, maybe not exactly, but Brent is truly such a good sport. He not only challenges us, but also laughs right along with us. He encourages us to keep going, and when we push, he's not afraid to push right back. They say that people will meet the expectations that you set. Brent sees the potential of each lady on our team, and then sets the bar higher than we ever thought we could reach. It's so convenient that he's able and willing to meet us at the school, whether we're in the gym in the hall or outside. It just proves that you don't need to make it to a gym or have expensive equipment to workout. Brent is giving us moves we can use for the rest of our lives, and showing us that as long as you have the motivation, you can make it happen wherever you are.

I'm so thankful to Renee Yarbrough for setting us up with Brent, and to our title sponsors Mountain High Outfitters & Elements Massage of Franklin, and our team sponsor Barr Nissan of Columbia for making this all possible. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks have in store!

Linda H.

Brent has been working with me for 6 months and I have made steady progress and I am much stronger and have more stamina.  His training, knowledge and experience guide everything he does.  If you are looking for a personal trainer who is certified, who cares about his clients and makes exercise fun, then Brent is the man for the job!

Loretta M.

I went from a size 14 to a size 2!  Workouts were fun and kept me excited about the next time we'd train.  Brent is always motivating and able to adjust to my needs.

On The Brink Fitness


Be Healthy Challenge Blog
By Kari Barrett

A huge shout out to our trainer, Brent Brinkmeier, of On The Brink!  He is a constant encourager and pusher throughout our workouts.  He does a great job balancing the mean with the nice.  I am impressed he is always ready to go with a new workout and encouragement.  He is making the workouts so enjoyable.  I've never had so much fun while working out!

Be Healthy Challenge Blog
By Sharon Tester

This is the easiest blog topic to write about!  This week we are to talk about our trainers.  Brent Brinkmeier of On the Brink Fitness is the best trainer ever!  I must admit that when we first started I had my doubts about how he was going to give us a great workout in a school gym.  Brent has washed away any doubts I had.  We have well planned routines that are never the same.  Our team varies greatly in their fitness abilities and he is able to meet us all where we are at and push us on.  I think he looks forward to our workouts as much as we do.  I'm sure it took him by surprise to work with a group of women teachers who are always talking!  We are definitely entertaining I'm sure.  What I appreciate most about Brent is his encouraging words.  Not only does he cheer the group on, he gives those private little words of encouragement to each of us when we need it.  I look forward to our workout days because of my awesome "family" team and the best coach ever, Brent Brinkmeier!!

Be Healthy Challenge Blog

By Caroline Croteau 

 This week we celebrate our trainers. I could go on for days about Brent Brinkmeier he is truly a master of his craft. I have been through training before and have worked with many trainers in my past. Actually, way past when I was already fit. Brent goes above and beyond for the women in our group. We have a very varied group of ladies and he takes all of us on with a smile 3 times a week. Every time I leave completely wreaked but I am happy to see all my peeps as worn out as me! Just when I think he has hit all the muscles, I mean I can't possibly hurt anywhere else, he finds a new place to bring the pain. Don't tell him but we all really like him and we appreciate everything he is doing for us!