On The Brink Fitness


Isabel Barnett

Feel confident and accomplished throughout your daily life via the fantastic things that your body is capable of. This is my reason for being a Personal Trainer. I pursued this profession to instill in clients a feeling of control and mastery over their bodies. My goal is for you to uncover all of your many physical capabilities, picture what more you want to accomplish, and utilize our partnership as a means to achieve all of those things. Movement is such a valuable part of life, and everyone deserves to achieve movements by which we impress ourselves with what we are capable of. After all, the things we do in the gym are meant to be the building blocks for what we can do beyond its walls, so if we move excellently in the gym, we can do a whole lot more with our kids, grandkids, and friends, and even for ourselves during the other 23 hours of the day.

Additional Specialty:

Martial Arts Fitness- Whether it's you or your child pursuing the physical and mental betterment brought about by martial arts, supplementing your practice with fitness built around your program is exceedingly valuable. I was a Taekwondo Instructor and am a 2nd Degree black belt in the same practice, so with my Personal Training experience I can aid you or your child in whatever art you have chosen to pursue. Take your practice by the reigns and conquer every class you attend with a heightened level of fitness.

​​​On The Brink Fitness is a private personal training studio located in Spring Hill on Highway 31 just south of the Franklin area. Owner and Certified trainer, Brent Brinkmeier, has over 16 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, specializing in program design, nutritional consulting, strength training and sports endurance. He offers a custom tailored program that helps you achieve your personal fitness goals. This individualized program can provide a variety of health benefits including help with overall conditioning, body fat reduction, body shaping and toning, and increased strength and flexibility. During your private workout sessions you will not only receive precise direction and guidance, but also a knowledgeable and comprehensive explanation behind the methods and techniques used. Brent's emphasis is on injury prevention and personal attention to both form and function for optimum results. Whether you are looking to loose weight, gain muscle mass or simply improve your overall health and wellness, Brent is there to encourage and guide you.