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On The Brink Fitness

4918 Main Street, suite 11

Spring Hill, TN. 37174


On The Brink Fitness is dedicated to making 2022 Better Year for our clients.  

​Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses in life and we believe that you don't have to completely re-invent yourself in order to let your inner strength and commitment shine through, all you need is the right guidance.

 With a healthier more active lifestyle you gain the energy to have more FUN and ENJOY each day.

On The Brink Fitness offers a unique and personalized training experience in an upscale private studio setting. This comprehensive practice helps you devote all of your attention and energy to your workout so you are able to get the most out of each session. The workout experience always begins and ends with you. Your workouts are personalized, fresh and customized to your specific fitness goals. This involves complete form and function that is precisely tailored to each clients individual fitness level. With this exclusive training our clients stay focused, motivated and energized while never having to compromise proper form and technique. Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or have never set foot in a gym, On The Brink Fitness will partner with you to ensure you achieve your long-term, life changing goals.

Each new day is an opportunity to improve yourself.

What will you do with the next 365 days?